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Throughout my career, I have developed extremely useful skills in audio production utilizing Adobe Audition. In fact, I singlehandedly produced every single broadcast on the KVSC Sports Stream while at St. Cloud State. I have scripted, recorded, edited and produced hundereds of promotional segments, intro and outro bumpers, highlight mixes, station images, advertisements and sounders. I also served as the producer of KVSC shows Husky Den PreGame, Scouting SCSU, NSIC Watch, The Weekly Walk and Lunch with the Huskies. Below you'll find four selections from my archived productions!

Bullpen Banter
00:00 / 01:01
Volleyball Promo
00:00 / 00:45
Next Series Push
00:00 / 01:00
Baseball Playoff Intro
00:00 / 04:10

Clips created for educational purposes at St. Cloud State University. All music belongs to respective owners.

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